Your New York Dietitian - Travel Snacks - New York, NY

Veggie Dippers
2 whole carrots
2 medium celery stalks
Tall plastic or paper coffee cup with lid
Dipper Options:
2 tbsp "natural" peanut butter
4 tbsp of hummus
4 tbsp of reduced-fat cream cheese

Peel skin from carrots and cut away green stem. Wash veggies thoroughly and pat dry. Cut in half and then again long ways to create small thin sticks. Place dipper of choice on the bottom of cup and spread evenly. Then fill cup with raw veggie sticks so they are stranding straight up with 1 end in the dip. Close lid and start your travels so by the time hunger hits you have your portable high fiber snack ready-to-eat.

Nutrition Facts:
Without Dipper
Makes 1 serving:
Calories: 62 calories
Fat: 0g fat
Carb: 14g carb
Protein: 1g protein

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