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A "Health Kit" combines all the necessary tools and products for long-term success. Whether your goal is to lose weight or eat healthier, here are a few examples of "Your NY Dietitian" recommended products and tools
that will help get you started.

Food records are the best tool you can own. Not only do they keep you accountable but, they help you understand and learn from your mistakes. Tracking your exercise is just as important to reach your ultimate health and weight loss goals. To make this tool even more effective, have a friend, family member or a dietitian review it on a weekly basis for extra support. If you don't want the hassle of carrying a journal around, there are many free diet-recording apps that can take its place such as, Myfitnesspal or Loseit. 

Scales can be your best friend or your worst enemy but, either way they need to be used eventually! The trick is to avoid weighing yourself more than 1x/week if you feel discouraged when you don't see the number going down fast enough. Pick 1 day during the week (keep in mind most people weigh more on a Monday than a Friday) to weigh-in. Make sure it is first thing in the morning, before you had anything to eat and after you go to the bathroom for most accurate results. Most scales have an added feature to test your body fat % as well. If you have been increasing your exercise, your body fat may go down faster than your weight so it is good to keep track of both.

Food Scales, while not mandatory, offer the best insight as to how much exactly is going in to your mouth. Even if you just use it for a couple weeks, you will get a better sense of what 4 ounces of chicken looks like instead of just eye-balling it. Most people significantly under estimate the size of their portions and lack of poor control is the biggest cause of weight gain or poor health.

"Misto" is an olive oil spray can that cuts portions without cutting nutrients. Olive oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory fat, however just 1 measly tablespoon packs up to 135 calories. This spray can was designed for the healthy weigh-conscious cook.

Pedometersare easy to use and a lot more affordable than a gym membership. For only $1, this device tracks daily steps so you can set more measurable goals. Aim for at least 6,000 steps of walking per day which is just about 3 miles. Looking for something more advanced? Try FitBit: a calorie and exercise tracker all-in-one!

"Fit & Fresh" to-go containers make healthy snacks such as fruit and veggies more portable. It even comes with a compartment for storing a tasty low-fat dip. Reaching your 9 servings of fruits and veggies each day just got a whole lot easier.

"GG crackers" are one of the lowest calorie and highest fiber crackers on the market. One cracker has 5g fiber and only 12 calories. Add your favorite low calorie topper to make them go down a little easier. While they're not the tastiest crackers out there, your body will thank you.

"BPA-Free Water Bottles" not only protect you against dangerous chemicals found in plastic or canned beverages, but they also remind you to HYDRATE! Very few people drink enough water throughout the day so this could be a necessity.
"PB2" is an all-natural powdered peanut butter that contains 85% less calories than the regular versions. For only 45 calories per serving, this all-natural alternative will satisfy those nutty cravings without the guilt. Just mix 2 tbsp with a few drops of water and ENJOY!
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